Audition Information

RegisternowclickherePERFORM AT A CANSTAGE VENUE        

PROGRAM START DATE: October 2016 END DATE: March 2017

We are thrilled to offer the Emerging Artist Project; a musical theatre program for the aspiring performer (in Grades 5 to 12).

The Emerging Artists Project is for the passionate Musical Theatre student.  Participants will perform a musical in a downtown Toronto theatre, under the direction of a professional creative team.  They will take master classes from renowned Canadian theatre artists from Broadway, Mirvish, Stratford and Shaw, have a fun, theatrical outing to a musical, all while working as an ensemble to develop their technique and skills as performers.  An inspiring, creative experience, led by professionals. 

**Participants are auditioning for a place in our company - the 'Emerging Artists Project'.  To best suit the company selected, we will announce our show once the troupe is cast.

** We believe that training and growth is of the utmost importance.  As such we require all Emerging Artists be enrolled in at least one technique based class through The Stage Door Academy.  Should you have questions about what will be most beneficial to your specific development as a performer, please feel free to ask our audition panel.