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    We have all heard of the direct link between music and math, and know the obvious benefits of dance to physical health and co-ordination.  But what is often left out of the mix is the immense benefits of drama and musical theatre in education.  Not only is acting always taught to aspiring musicians and dancers to enhance their performance and overall artistry, but the connection between confident young people and those who study drama and acting is absolutely undeniable.  In fact, just the other night one of our teachers proclaimed ‘drama is everything’.  I think he got it right.

    It has been said that “through engagement in the arts children learn to open their imaginations, to dream just a little bigger and to strive everyday to reach those dreams.”  I couldn’t agree more.  The basis of a good Acting and Performing Arts program is one that uses creative play, nurtures individuality, encourages students to think on their feet, make dynamic and interesting choices, to say yes to new ideas and experiences, to be unafraid to take risks, and to express oneself both confidently and articulately.  Drama studies also encourage team-work, cooperation, motivation and discipline as students from diverse and various backgrounds must come together to achieve a common goal.

    Personally I know my training in drama and the performing arts have supported me in various endeavours both on and off stage.  Drama and Acting give you the confidence to attack any situation or challenge, to be outgoing, to improvise, be spontaneous, and to think clearly, rationally, and creatively.  As drama students are often asked to examine an array of characters and their relationships to one another, an acute understanding of differing personalities is formed.  This study nurtures an aware and empathetic person able to communicate with others in any situation as they relate openly and honestly to the world around them.  No matter what career path a child ultimately chooses – be it a doctor or lawyer, teacher or business person – the attributes and positive growth that come from the study of Drama and Performing Arts is clearly beneficial to the overall well-rounded individual.

    The process and journey of studying any Performing Art is crucial to one’s development.  At The Stage Door Academy we know a child’s love of singing, acting and dancing should always be nurtured and encouraged, as it promotes self-expression and self-confidence, originality and imagination.  These are the skills that a person will carry with them always, and will help them truly reach their full potential for a lifetime!



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